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Autodesk Inventor Pattern Optimisation

How to speed up pattern generation in Autodesk Inventor and reduce file sizes!

Large patterns in Inventor models can take some time to generate and increase file size. Did you ever see this dialogue?

Autodesk Inventor Optimised compute dialog blog

‘This pattern will result in a large number of occurrences. Consider using Optimised compute to increase pattern performance’

What does that even mean!

Figure 1 Autodesk Inventor Optimised Compute warning

Autodesk Inventor Optimised Compute

When creating patterns in Autodesk Inventor, behind the scenes Inventor is checking each and every new instance of your pattern to see if it must create new faces or not.

Autodesk Inventor Calculating a feature pattern blog

Figure 2 Autodesk Inventor checking pattern clashes with existing features

Turning on ‘Optimised compute’ tells inventor that it doesn’t need to worry, it can just throw the faces in there!

To turn on Optimised compute, expand the part feature pattern dialogue by clicking on the ‘>>’ arrow button, and select the radial button next to ‘Optimized’.

Here is an Article on the Autodesk Knowledge network with more details.

Figure 3 Turning on Optimised Compute for an Autodesk Inventor pattern


This option will fail if you are patterning over the top of an existing feature. It will work out OK if you create any additional cuts after your pattern.

Autodesk Inventor Component with Feature Pattern

Figure 4 Creating additional features after patterning an Inventor feature

An alternative method

You may get a better result if you create a cut feature in a smaller body, and then pattern the body instead of patterning the cut.

In this case Inventor only has to copy the body rather that analysing faces and the pattern will generate much faster.

Autodesk Inventor: Pattern Optimized Compute Examples

Cut first then pattern = 709 KB
Pattern optimised then cut = 649 KB
Pattern feature then cut = 606 KB

A reduction in file size of 25% on this simple part.


If you are having trouble with large feature patterns In Inventor taking a long time to compute, giving you large unwieldy file sizes or even crashing Inventor entirely, give these tips a try!

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