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This article explores the evolvement of CAM software and the investment of Autodesk in advance manufacturing solutions that empower today’s manufacturing industries to maximise machinery investment returns and enhance production capabilities.

Make Anything

Make anything is a term Autodesk and Graitec use because Autodesk have for decades developed software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are making or creating with our software in a massively diverse range of industries from consumer and construction products through to automotive, Aerospace and beyond.

Traditional design and production processes have evolved along the way as they have needed to improve in order to meet more complex design requirements as well as the satisfying the need for manufacturers to get products to market faster due to the continual shortening of product lifespans.

One sector that has benefitted from massive improvements is of course CNC machining.

Autodesk CAM Software Family

Evolving Practices

From the beginning of time as a race we have continually developed our use of tools and as prehistoric man we used stone to form tools by slowly removing material. Pre-computer age the process of removal remains but, it has improved as CNC machines were developed to automate and speed up the process.

Many of you will probably remember what a laborious and time-consuming task this was as you would need to manually “program” the coordinate locations of each move the cutting tool made and then repeat the process for every job on every machine you owned.

Quoting for a job was also a long-winded affair especially as designs became more complex and toolpaths had to be manually checked on a slow pass in order to avoid clashes. Fortunately for most companies this process has become obsolete.

CAD to CAM Processes Develop

Quite often in technology, processes enter new paradigms as complementing technologies converge to open the path (excuse the pun) to new workflows. For manufacturing this came in the form of CAD to CAM starting as a 2D process initially and then rapidly developing into a 3D process as software authors delivered programs (such as Autodesk Inventor) that were affordable to most design and manufacturing companies and were usable on desktop computers.

This process evolution spawned extremely productive workflows and gave the CAM industry a nudge as it enabled the transition of 3D data to directly into CAM software programs where they could quickly run automated check paths and produce code.

As technology evolution so often does, this also gave CAM software companies an additional challenge as the onset of 3D CAD also helped designers to deliver more complex products, so CAM software had to evolve to meet todays and tomorrows design and production challenges.

Autodesk CAM Solutions Cover

Autodesk Advance Manufacturing Solutions

As a world leader in 3D design software Autodesk quickly recognised the growing need to not only deliver best in class design and CNC/CAM software but to also enable businesses to streamline their workflows and enhance their capabilities.

So, in 2014 Autodesk acquired Delcam for approximately £286 million as an important step to deliver the CAM solutions that allowed their software users to literally make anything and solidify their commitment to the world of manufacturing by offering advanced manufacturing solutions.

To find out more about Autodesk Advance Manufacturing solutions visit our CAM software page. Make sure you check out the Birmingham technology centre video - it is very impressive.

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