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Some of you have probably already taken advantage of the amazing possibilities of Autodesk 123D but for those of you who haven't, you are definitely missing out. Autodesk 123D is a number of 3D modelling creation apps, all for free might I add, that allow you to create whatever your mind thinks of – so let your imagination run wild!

In this blog post I'm going to give you all a brief overview of what each app does, so you can decide which one(s) are best for you. Depending on your workflow you can download the apps for your creative process and thinking. There are apps for starting a project, personalizing your project and then making it.

123d-catch123D Catch – With this app you can create 3D models from photos. All you have to do is snap some photos, these get sent to the cloud and this then gets returned to your electronic device as a model. Afterwards you can share your 3D model with family and friends. This has some minor editing tools for repairing and cleaning up your design too.

123d-design123D Design – As the name suggests this is all for designing. With your model you can: move, snap, group, create, add, subtract, intersect, scale, change colour and rotate your object. You can even add and adjust edges, faces and the points of your design. This powerful tool supports a number of the new 3D printers on the market at the moment.

123D-sculpt123D Sculpt – Want to be a sculptor but don't want to deal with the mess? If yes, then this is the app for you. Sculpt whatever your imagination comes up with because of the easy to use push, pull, pinch, paint, smooth, grab and tug tools. Once you've created your model you can add shades, tints and hues etc. to achieve your desired effect.

123d-circuits123D Circuits – If you are a fan of electronics and you want to create your own then use this app to help. You can choose from a Breadboard, Schematic or PCB editor Views and then design them how you like. A group of you can work on the same project at the same time and once it's finished you can get the hardware shipped to your door.

123d-make123D Make – '3D Meets DIY'. Take your 3D models and turn them into an interesting and unusual model with the 123D Make App. Choose from a number of materials and build techniques and then it does error checking with an adjustable slice angle. Once this is done save your plans as an EPS & PDF and you can then build your model from the template you've created. But make sure you use a flat material that's easy to cut e.g. card, paper, wood... unless you fancy a challenge.

123d-creaturre123D Creature – Dream of creating a character but you just don't know where to begin? With this app the opportunities are endless, and there are a number of advanced tools available such as sculpt and paint to make your creation the best it can be. This app has even won a 3D print show award for the best online/app-based service and with great reviews you would be mad not to download it.

meshmixerMeshmixer – This is by far the best and ultimate tool for your 3D creations. Start designs from scratch or choose from the thousands available in the gallery. You can then alter and adjust the design however you would like using the sculpt, stamp and paint tools. Combine two models, overlay textures and mold and refine surfaces with this advance bit of free software.

Depending on which apps you want depends what hardware you need, but the best part is that you can use all modern hardware such as I phones, Tablets, Macs and Laptops, so what are you waiting for? Go download the apps today and show off your creations to all your friends.

3d-printerAll these apps were built with 3D printing in mind so once you have made your model you can get it 3D printed however you would like e.g. different materials, sizes etc. There are a number of printing companies available: I.Materialise, Sculpteo, Shapeways and 3D Hubs. On top of this they are even doing a deal where you can own your own 3D printer; a MakerBot Replicator 2.

The Autodesk 123D website offers tons of tutorials and help files that will help you learn all the ins and outs of the software so you will be a professional in no time at all.

Tried the apps and want something that's a bit more advanced? Adris are a platinum partner of Autodesk so sell all the software for a competitive price. Check out our site for more information or alternatively give us a call and we can discuss your requirement's.


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