Analyse Solar Radiation In Revit

This is the fourth in a series of blogs that explore Autodesk’s Energy Analysis solutions. Read the first part: "Use Autodesk’s Cloud Rendering Service to Understand the Quality of Daylight Within a Space" part two: "Quantitative Lighting Analysis with Autodesk Insight 360 - Daylighting Analysis for Revit Plugin" and the third: "Improving Building Performance Using Revit and Insight 360"

Every day, the Sun showers the Earth with over 5000 times as much energy as is used by all humanity. In summer, midday illuminance for an overcast sky is three times the winter value.

More light from the sky equals more energy and therefore potentially more heat within the building. The UK has a huge range of illuminance, that’s why it’s important to simulate the radiation levels from the Sun because it varies so much throughout the year.

You can use Revit to visualise and quantify the amount of solar radiation your building receives at certain times of the day or year, help orient your building, and determine how other buildings affect your buildings access to solar radiation.

The Process

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