An Overview of the Sheet Metal Unfold & Refold Function in Autodesk Inventor

If you’ve ever tried to create a feature in a flat pattern and then have it appear in the folded model in Inventor within a sheet metal environment, then you’re probably aware by now that you can’t.

This can be frustrating as it’s usually easier to create the feature you require with a flattened part.

However, using the “Unfold” & “Refold” tools in the sheet metal environment, users are able to add accurate features to a flattened or partially flattened sheet metal part.

Unfold – Lets you place existing bends into a flattened state for further modelling. This makes it easier to create and dimension features that cross bends.

Refold – Re-folds unfolded bends to their original state. Features placed over unfolded bends deform as expected when refolded, using the K-Factor specified.

See our overview video below which explains the sheet metal unfold, refold function in Inventor in a little more detail!

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