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Do you find it difficult to see what is going on in your Advance Steel models? This could be due to the Visual Styles set up in your file.


Advance Steel Visual Styles Before Advance Steel Visual Styles After


When you start an Advance Steel project it is important to start with a proper Advance Steel template. However, the default template provided with Advance Steel has some odd settings in the Visual Styles that show hidden edges at all times. To change this follow these steps:-

1. File Open. Change “Files of type” at the bottom of the dialog to “Drawing Template (*.dwt)”.

2. The path should jump automatically to the right place. Open the file ASTemplate.dwt (in the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2017\Shared\Support\Templates).

3. SAVE AS – Give the template a new name in the same path e.g. MyTemplate.dwt. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT TEMPLATE FILE.

4. At the top left click on the visual styles drop down (where you select Realistic, 2D Wireframe etc.) and select “Visual Styles Manager”.

5. In the palette that appears select Conceptual in the styles at the top.

Occluded Edges Image

6. Near the bottom change the option Occluded Edges > Show to No.

7. Repeat step 6 for the styles Shaded, Shaded with Edges, Realistic and XRay.

8. Close the Visual Styles Manager with the X at the end of its title bar.

In Realistic mode the beams also appear slightly transparent. If you wish to stop this then type the command MATERIALATTACH. On the right hand side of the dialog that appears, click the red X next to Beams.

Material Attachment Options Image

Save your file and close.

Remember next time you use the Open command you need to change “Files of Type” back to “Drawing (*.dwg)”.

From now on when starting a new project, by clicking “New” for example, remember to select your template not the original ASTemplate. Now you should be able to see what is going on much better.

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