Advance Steel Tip - Quantities In NC Files

We have recently received a couple of support calls asking if it is possible to run NC files with quantities based on selected objects not quantities for the whole model in Advance Steel. The simple answer is yes, and this blog will guide you through the settings required to achieve what you want.

So here is the scenario, where you have a model with five different lots in it, all fabricated one after another - you have various quantities of the same column in all five lots but don’t want to fill up the workshop by ordering all the columns to be cut and drilled at the same time.

The as installed settings would create the NC file with quantities for the whole model, even if you selected just the columns from lot 1 or just one column from the whole model - see the picture below:

advance steel nc files 1

To change this setting open the management tools, then open defaults, use the filter and type “Controls”. You need to tick “Controls the quantity for NC”, then load these settings back into Advance Steel.

advance steel nc files 2

If you now select the four columns that are in lot 1 and run the NC files you will get the result below, even though the model quantity for M2 is 20.

advance steel nc files 3

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