Advance Steel Tip - Orientation Symbols

In order to help people on site many people like to have some indication on the drawings showing which way round an assembly is positioned in the structure. This is achieved using Orientation Symbols. However, there seems to be some confusion as to how these work in Advance Steel. Let me demystify things.

Before any orientation symbols will appear on any drawing in Advance Steel you must place a Compass in the model. The Compass command is on the Home Ribbon > Objects panel at the bottom left.

Advance Steel Compass Command

The position of the compass in the model makes absolutely no difference; but the north direction should be accurate. When first placed the North direction is along the UCS Y axis.

Once you have a compass in your model you must create (or update) your assembly drawings BEFORE your GA views. Each assembly will have an orientation symbol (solid black triangle in a circle) placed at the top left of the Front view.

Advance Steel Orientation Symbols Image

Then your GA drawings will show the same symbol in the corresponding position on each beam. Most GA drawing styles will include a North Arrow symbol. This symbol is placed in a fixed position per view but it will point to the North direction. Only certain GA drawing styles will show the orientation symbols – in the UK build these are the GA Plan styles only.

Note: The orientation symbol position is NOT related to the North direction and does not mark the North end of the beam or anything similar. Consider B3, in the image the end of the assembly with only one notch must go opposite ends in the final structure, so the symbol must be opposite ends in the GA not the North or East or any other compass position.

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