Advance Steel New Year Resolution - Custom Drawing Styles To Reduce Editing Time

Happy new year everyone, in January most of us will set New Year resolutions such as getting into shape (definitely one for me after Christmas) or spending more time with friends and loved ones etc.

These resolutions are aimed at improving our lives but how many resolutions do we set for our professional lives, or even within the software that we are using every day of the week?

One such resolution in Advance Steel could be to reduce the amount of time spent editing fabrication drawings, this can be done with customised or new drawing styles.

An example of this is shown below with a drawing style that I created for a customer before the festive break while onsite with them for a workshop day. They plan on modelling a lot of glass balustrade this year and there isn’t a specific glass drawing style in Advance Steel, as the panels are modelled as plates the system would use the generic plate drawing style.

The view on the left is the out of the box plate drawing style, the view on the right uses a new glass drawing style, you can see the difference in the output and the amount of work that would be required to achieve the desired output manually. Over the course of a year that would be a lot of time spent editing glass drawings.

Advance Steel New Year Resolution 2

Alongside the new drawing style I also created a custom model object and customised the drawing processes to allow the system to use this new style automatically.

With drawing styles, we are governed by the rules of the system so wont always be able to achieve exactly what the user requires but even achieving 90% of what a user would require automatically will reduce the amount of time editing drawings

At Graitec we are here to help you achieve the results you want with your fabrication drawings we offer a 2 day Drawing Style course where you will learn how to create the styles, dimensions, label requests etc yourself. The agenda for the Drawing Styles course can be found here.

The other option for customised drawing styles to have a custom project done by our Advance Steel experts, where we will take your Advance Steel data and customise it to your requirements then send it back to you, to discuss any project requirements please send us a message now:

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