Advance Steel goes virtual..

What if you could look at your Advance Steel model and see exactly how it would look in a real environment – and then explore it inside and out in virtual reality?

VR User

Here at Graitec, we are always pushing the boundaries of technology so we have taken structural visualisation to the next level. Working closely with our design & visualisation department we have defined the workflow for taking an Advance Steel model into a virtual world.

Using our Virtual Reality kit, we are able to take Advance Steel model data and optimise into our virtual reality engine. This is the next step in visualisation and enables you to see the structure before a column or beam is erected. It will enable the user to explore the structure step by step and give the realistic experience of actually being in the model. Using interactive controls and gestures, Graitec can add realism to the experience by drag and drop components like beams, columns and fixings than can be moved into different positions all with real life clash detection.

This really is technology that needs to be seen to be believed, so why not contact Graitec today to get a glimpse into the future and see whats possible:

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