Advance Steel for Timber Framing - Adding Beam Packers

Did you know that Advance Steel can also incorporate timber components to the model?

In the below video, we show how you can add timber beam packers to structural steel beams. Advance Steel can have all the required timber sizes added to its vast database range which can then be utilised by the timber beam command on the Home > Objects Ribbon.

advance steel timber beam button

As you will see in the video we show how to add timber packers to the flange and webs of the steel beams which are then pocketed into the timber frame wall panels. We have used a MiTek WoodEngine model and converted the beams using the link as described in this blog.

autodesk advance steel timber frame beam packers

If you require more information on how Advance Steel can utilise timber elements in your projects, please Contact Graitec today for more information.

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