Advance Steel and Vault 2020 - Collaborative Document Management

For the recent release of Advance Steel and Vault, there is an update to ‘Vault Thick client’ add-in, this is now dedicated to work within the Advance steel platform, to allow for easier collaborative documents management.

Vault Client

This change means that when installing the ‘Vault thick Client’ interface, the Advance Steel workspace attracts the Ribbon tab associated with Vault thick Client operation.

Vault Ribbon in Advance Steel

Based upon using an out of the box install of both products, we were able to test the interaction between the two. The initial results seem very favourable, allowing users to create models locally and upload them to the ‘Vault’ using the ‘Check out’ and ‘Check in’ processes. This also allows for options to create the drawings via the standard AS tools, then check those new files and folder structure back into the Vault location. With these options, we can set up a workflow that maintains the integrity of the AS document management system, but also allows for Vault interactions.

During the testing we tried the various Assembly, Part and Arrangement drawings along with the NC files, these generate associated UPD files and Databases etc, all these elements where able to be checked into the Vault maintain the folder structure created by Advance Steel.

Vault then can be configured to allow for tracking of the drawing revisions and the control over the lifecycle and release status of steel elements for fabrication, so this can be aligned with the System found within Advance Steel to control the status of beams from fabrication etc.

This also extends to the interactions with the users of Autodesk plant 3d within the vault system, now allowing for better alignment between Advance steel/Vault/Plant3D.

In the video link below, we take a quick dive into the basic operation of the tools, and see the operation in action, but as with most things, assistance will be required for a ‘Vault’ configuration to align with ‘Advance Steel’ product, our recommendation is to seek some expert advice/consulting service.

If you would like training on either Advance Steel or Autodesk Vault, just head over to our training pages. Alternatively, if you have any questions, just get in touch with Graitec by clicking on the button below.


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