Advance Steel 2017 & Dynamo Tutorial 002 – Assign Beam Properties

Dynamo for Advance Steel LogoAs part of the latest update for Advance Steel 2017.1 comes the added update for the Dynamo for Advance Steel Add-On. This latest update now allows you to specify beam section types, materials and user attributes to the dynamo script. In this quick tutorial i guide you through the new nodes features and show how to add beam properties to the script.


Under the Tag section we now have new nodes that give the ability to add a tag for beam section, material and user attribute. 


Dynamo Advance Steel Nodes


Once a beam is defined in the script, simple add the require node and connect with a code block and then link back to the reference node. When the script is run, the beams within Advance Steel will now adopt the required property changes. Click the below video to see the workflow in full.

Dynamo Assign Beam Properties Play


If you need any more information about Advance Steel or Dynamo, contact Graitec today.

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