A Guide to InfraWorks Smart Labelling

So, you’ve seen lots of posts about Infraworks and all the clever things it can do. But sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can make a dramatic difference.

Take labels for example. In Infraworks you can add labels to your objects, basing the labels on real world data, and you can even style them so they automatically appear when you get close to an object. Amongst the other great things you can do is to add helpful extras like Google Map links or Google Streetview.

In this blog I will show you:

• How to add labels
• How to set the label style
• Some basic HTML code to really enhance your labels
• How to add a Google Map link to your label
• How to set your labels to automatically appear as you move about your model

Let’s look at the first example, as shown in the title image, which is setting styles. Go to the tooltips option, either on the properties pallet of selected objects or in the tooltips section when you import.

infraworks smart labelling blog 2

In here you can just simply write what you want:

infraworks smart labelling blog 3

Or set it to look at data:

infraworks smart labelling blog 4

To download the full tutorial, just click on the button below:

Get Full Tutorial

InfraWorks is part of the comprehensive Autodesk AEC Collection, alongside great products such as Revit, Civil 3D and Advance Steel. If you have any other enquiries please send us a message now:

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