A Guide To Autodesk Inventor Positional Representations

Most of the designs we create using Autodesk Inventor are built as fixed non-moving assemblies that never reflect the intended purpose of the finished product. Positional representations can be used to manipulate the assembles motion, and the various positions can be saved with the assembly file. The saved positional representations can also be used as drawing views or overlays.

In order to create positional representations, expand the representations folder in browser, where you will find the current assemblies master position. From here you will be able to create additional positions.

Inventor Positional Representations 2

Right click on the position option and select new.

Inventor Positional Representations 3

Inventor Positional Representations 4Inventor Positional Representations 5

To change the position of the bucket to up, we override the mate constraint offset that was created on the cylinder assembly between the cylinder piston rod end and the cylinder stop.

Now right click on the constraint that you would like to override and select override.

Inventor Positional Representations 6

In the override object dialog box select the value check box and override the current value. Select apply. If you are happy with the result, select cancel to close the override object dialog box. You have now created a new position in the assembly.

Inventor Positional Representations 7

To test the positions, go back to the representations folder in the browser, double click on master and it should default back to the assembly position. Double click on up and it should change to the up position. You can create as many positions as you require by following the same steps.

Inventor Positional Representations 8

Inventor Positional Representations 9

The views can be placed in a drawing as separate base views or as an overlay. With your drawing template open, select base from the ribbon. Use the position drop down to select the required positional view.

Inventor Positional Representations 10

To create an overlay view, select overlay from the ribbon and select the required view that you would like to create the overlay on. Select the positional representation and select OK.

Inventor Positional Representations 11

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