3DS Max: Perspective Match Utility

So, you previously bought a Building Design Suite, or recently purchase the new Autodesk AEC Collection and are merrily using Revit and maybe AutoCAD.

Well what about all those other icons which are sitting on your desktop feeling alone and left out of your design world? Let’s take Autodesk 3DS MAX – how can this be used to improve your visual deliverables?

Over the course of the next few months, I will be highlighting just a few of the cool tools which 3DS MAX can offer. Then when you’ve decided that this is a product which could offer you some great benefit, then you can give Graitec a shout to set up a training session or two.

To kick off with, let’s talk about the ability of Revit to use an image as a background scene to your model. Whilst this can just about pass for placing a sky with some clouds, it certainly won’t cut the mustard if you wish to place your building or other objects in-situ (true perspective with vanishing points which match) and you also can’t cast shadows on the image i.e. it’s no good for foreground use.

This is where 3DS MAX can up the game in a few simple steps - as detailed in the whitepaper available below. 

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