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I am probably one of the worst people at organizing my content. One of my favorite asset sites is TurboSquid, the problem I have is I download the same content over and over again and usually end up placing this content in different places. What I have needed is a great way to manage and search my assets. With 3ds Max 2017 there is now a solution courtesy of the Exchange Apps. Click on the Blue X in the top Right, then search for Asset Library.

3ds Max Asset Library Print Screen

The user interface not only shows you a thumbnail of the asset, but also other information about the file, including number of Verts/polygons, it will also list other items that are included in the file such as Lights, Cameras, and helpers.

We can add multiple locations to the interface including network locations, so you can have shared content for the whole team.

3ds Max Asset Library locations print screen

To use the content in our Max scene we can simply drag and drop the assets we want, multiple assets can be selected at the same time.

3ds Max Asset Library Assets Image

Depending on the input method button selected we can control how the assets are added to the scene.

We can also create Collections, one of the features I really like here is that the assets in a collection can be from multiple locations. We are not tied down to having organized our content before creating a collection.

3ds Max Asset Library Collections Image

This is a simple but yet effective way to manage and control your assets.

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