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Greg Benson-Shettle

AutoCAD Fixes – Badly Behaved Drawings

AutoCAD drawing broken or corrupt, just not behaving, other drawings are fine it's just this one; sound familiar? There are some basics checks or fixes that are always worth trying first, in this...
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Greg Benson-Shettle

AutoCAD Fixes - Keep Your Software Up To Date

AutoCAD not working or crashing when it was fine earlier!? There are some basics checks or fixes that are always worth trying first, in this second tip we look at how to make sure your AutoCAD or...
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Tommy Moussis

Steel Connection Design Reinvented for Advance Steel Users

One of the main benefits of using Autodesk Advance Steel for steel detailing is the flexibility when conceptualizing, modelling and detailing your steel connections. With the “connection vault” in Adv...
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Rob Merriman

Working From Home With Advance Steel

I hope everyone is keeping safe out there, it’s a worrying time for everyone, we at Graitec are all working from home, so we are here to help as we are normally. From an Advance Steel perspective ther...
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Greg Benson-Shettle

How To Reset AutoCAD To Default Settings

"My AutoCAD isn't working, it was fine yesterday, what's happened?" This is a phrase, or something stronger, that we hear almost on a weekly basis. The list of issues range from crashing when opening ...
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Grant Dott

Business Continuity and the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s in the Cloud.

As the UK Government urges home working where possible, many companies are urgently trying to rally their IT Teams to ensure its business as usual, albeit remotely. Many companies can get by with a st...
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Ian Robinson

Working During A Crisis

During these uncertain times, it’s hard to know what to do for the best. We are all a little worried about our elderly relatives and in some towns, getting your usual provisions are a challenge to say...
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John Bennett

Graitec Advantage – your One Stop knowledge Base for Graitec Downloads & More

A question that comes up all the time is where do I find your downloads for the Graitec Powerpacks, BIM Designers and other Graitec products? And the simple answer is, that these can all be found by g...
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Aleck Giles

Losing Weight With Advance Steel

Having used Advance Steel to model your structure in 3D you would expect to be able to find the weights of things. You certainly can, but there are a number of details to consider if you want to get a...
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Nick Johns

An Overview of Autodesk Vault Filters

Autodesk Vault has powerful search functionality built into it, which works seamlessly out of the box. Think of the search in Vault, as a “Google Like” search engine for your data. Sometimes a search ...
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