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CAD Services

As a leading provider of computer aided design (CAD) software, the Graitec Professional Services team has specialised in providing a full range of CAD services to local and international companies for over two decades.

With access to the latest world-class software, our widely disciplined and experienced CAD design services team excel in delivering both simple and highly complex projects, often to tight deadlines.

The projects we deliver are quite extensive and cover 2D drafting and CAD drawing, 3D product design & development, 2D/3D design and visualisation, as well as 3D animations, architectural walkthroughs and working with point cloud data.

This also means that we are uniquely equipped to deliver projects that other CAD services providers may find too complex or may not be equipped to handle.

To find out more about our range of services or to discuss your requirements please give us a call or click on the links below.

Download our CAD Services brochure

2D CAD Drafting Services

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2d-CAD-draftingFor clients requiring 2D CAD drawings, we can supply 2D CAD detailing services on a hourly or daily rate.

Alternatively, we can also price on a fixed cost per project basis, where deliverables are clearly outlined and depending on the scope of your requirements.

We can also provide man and machine onsite 2D CAD draughting services subject to location, using either your own Autodesk CAD software, or using our own latest versions of AutoCAD software.

This ensures that you will have maximum compatibility where CAD drawings need to be passed on to other project team members or external contractors within the project.

3D CAD Services

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We offer a variety of 3D CAD design services, ranging from conceptual 3D modelling through to engineering design, where deliverables can be 2D or 3D engineering drawings, 3D CAD files for CAD/CAM machining, or even filCad-Serviceses for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, depending on project requirements.

The CAD services team are also used to working under non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) where applicable, for sensitive, pre-patent and also military projects.

3D CAD services are bookable on a per project or per day basis and man and machine 3D CAD design services onsite are also available subject to location and project length.

3D Design and Visualisations Services

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Our design and visualisation team have been at the forefront of providing 3D visualisation services and rendering from the very beginning of the digital content revolution, and are exceptionally skilled in providing a plethora of digital content creation services to meet a variety of customer's needs.

This ranges from conceptual product design visualisations and images for brochures and business sales presentations, to motion graphics and 3D animations for use in product presentations and also company PowerPoint presentations.3D-visualisations

At the more complex end of the spectrum, we are also well versed in delivering complex 3D animations, architectural visualisations and architectural walkthroughs which have been successfully used to win local and international projects and tenders, sometimes in the millions of pounds range.

Revit Families Content Creation Services

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Revit-Family-Creation-ServicesWe can produce Revit content for any manufacturer of any discipline, as well as custom BIM related content for Architects, Structural Engineers or even the Retail market sector.

Being able to supply Revit ready content is becoming a pre-requisite and a key deliverable for companies and contractors working on BIM centric construction project.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements, so no matter how small or large your Revit families or Revit ready content requirements may be, we are always happy to discuss any requirements you have.

To find out more please visit our Revit families content creation services page.

Whatever the size of your project, our CAD services team would be happy to hear from you to discuss your visualisation or CAD requirements.