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Graitec host and attend various seminars. events and trade exhibitions throughout the UK to help both current and future clients reap the benefits of the latest design and support systems we offer.

With Autodesk technology offering businesses even greater opportunites to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces knowledge and vision are key, so if you would like information about other Autodesk CAD software or would like to set up an event please give us a call on 023 8086 8947

Current Events:

Using Navisworks To Federate Models From Revit, Infraworks 360, Civil3D And Other 3D Products

navisworks federate models revit infraworks 360 civil 3d

Collaborating data for a contractor is always a challenging job that is based heavily on a lot of manual checking. With the introduction of AEC Collections from Autodesk, the contractor can now make use of Navisworks Manage to do this.

Using the Real Power of Civil3D for Infrastructure Design

Using the Real Power of Civil3D for Infrastructure Design

This webinar will look at how to design a project with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Using Infraworks 360 for Conceptual Infrastructure Design

Using Infraworks 360 for Conceptual Infrastructure Design

This webinar will focus on the initial conceptual design and planning of an Infrastructure Project.

Dynamo - What is all the Fuss About?

Dynamo What is all the Fuss About
Does Revit do everything you need it to do? Would Automation of common tasks have no benefit to you? Are you a qualified/competent programmer that understands the API? If you answered no to any if not all of these questions then this webinar is for you.

Inventor User Groups

Inventor User Group

Explore new software and functionality within the Autodesk Inventor collection at our upcoming user group events.

Inventor Test Drive Events

Inventor Test Drive Header Image

Discover how you can transform 2D ideas into 3D digital designs and prototypes using Autodesk’s powerful Inventor software.

BIM 360: The Total Project Lifecycle Solution

The Total Project Lifecycle Solution

Whether your responsibilities lie in the Design, Build or Manage stages, chances are BIM 360 has a tool for you.

Introducing Autodesk Building Operations

Introducing Autodesk Building Operations

Through the process of building design and then construction, the building will become a warehouse of data. Using that accumulated data in the building management stage is the power of Autodesk Building Ops.

Advance Steel Free Test Drive

Graitec Free Advance Steel Test Drive

Better understand how you can boost your productivity and reduce errors and omissions. Register for an Autodesk Advance Steel Test Drive today!

Discover how Advance Steel & A360 can help you, your Client, Workshop and Site Team

Discover how Advance Steel A360 can help you your Client Workshop and Site Team

Join live Webinar to explore how Advance steel models can be uploaded to the cloud based A360 and how you as a steel detailer, your clients, contracts, workshop and site managers can view, interrogate, comment on the model.

Unlocking the Power of Autodesk Navisworks to Project Plan & Review Your Advance Steel Projects

Unlocking the Power of Autodesk Navisworks to Project Plan Review Your Advance Steel Projects Banner
In this webinar, we will show how to unlock the power of Autodesk Navisworks for project planning and review of an Advance Steel project.

Advance Steel - "A Basic Setup to Get You Going" Webinar

Advance Steel A Basic Setup to Get You Going Webinar

With Advance Steel now part of the AEC Collection, it would be good to get users to start out on the right foundation, so if they wish to customise etc, they have a good footing from which to start.

Revit PowerPack Webinar Series

Revit PowerPack Webinar Series

Join us on a webinar to explore the powerful tools that the Graitec Advance PowerPack for Revit delivers.

Graitec e-Training Webinar


Win 12 months access to the Autodesk flexible learning library. This webinar will focus on a demonstration of the products available through the Global eTraining platform and the various applications across industries.

Digital Prototyping Event


Are you in the manufacturing industry? If you are then join us for this informative digital prototyping event.

Autodesk Infrastructure Webinar


Learn about Civil 3D and BIM for Infrastructure and Infraworks in an easily accessible and interactive way...

BIM For Contractors Webinar


With BIM becoming an increasingly popular method of delivering construction projects and with BIM methodology being mandated for government projects going forward, increasing number of contractors are needing to get up to speed with BIM working methods and requirements.

Oasys Mail Manager Webinar


Email Overload? File, find, share and archive emails quickly and easily with our mail manager solution.

Autodesk Certification Tests


Autodesk Certification is available for a variety of Autodesk Software products at professional certification level.

Introduction to Navisworks


Navisworks is often described as the glue that holds a building information modelling project together, but the capabilities of NavisWorks goes well beyond it just being a vessel to hold multiple pieces of digital data from numerous proprietary computer aided design packages.

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