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Graitec host and attend various seminars. events and trade exhibitions throughout the UK to help both current and future clients reap the benefits of the latest design and support systems we offer.

With Autodesk technology offering businesses even greater opportunites to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces knowledge and vision are key, so if you would like information about other Autodesk CAD software or would like to set up an event please give us a call on 023 8086 8947

Current Events:

The Perfect Workflow Between BIM 360 Team, C4R and BIM 360 Glue Webinar Webinar

collaboration tools webinar


There is a paradigm shift in collaborative team design. BIM 360 Team, Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Glue are a way of sharing and communicating models between offices and other disciplines. This session will demonstrate some of the benefits of the tools included.

Revit PowerPack Webinar Series

Revit PowerPack Webinar Series

Join us on a webinar to explore the powerful tools that the Graitec Advance PowerPack for Revit delivers.

Advance Steel and Plant 3D Workflow Webinar

Advance Steel and Plant 3D Workflow Webinar 

This webinar will focus upon the interaction between Autodesk Advance Steel and Autodesk Plant 3D.

The World Outside Revit for Residential Design  Webinar

world outside revit for residential design 

This webinar will show how to include all aspects of the residential design, such as site design, relief roads, including vehicle tracking.

Achieving a BIM Level 2 Workflow Using the AEC Collection Webinar

bim level 2 workflows aec collection webinar 

In this free webinar, we will be starting with the architects' model and we see how this can be progressed across the disciplines from Structure to MEP, then onto the construction site.

Coordination to Fabrication - Fab MEP, Est MEP & Revit MEP Webinar

coordination to fabrication webinar 

This webinar will look at the tools available in Revit 2018 and tried and tested BIM workflows, we will show you how to progress your Duct / Pipework / Electrical containment designs to Fabrication ready drawings complete with full costing breakdown.

The Different Levels of Rendering a Revit Model

rendering revit model

This webinar will show how to make best use of Revit’s in-house rendering as well as the extra capabilities of rendering via the Cloud.

Infrastructure Design - From Concept to Reality Webinar

infrastructure concept to design webinar

In this, the latest Infrastructure Webinar we will be looking at starting from the beginning, with a survey. More specifically, a Point Cloud scan. From there we will classify it so we can identify ground features (levels, horizontal features and vertical features).

Landscape Design in Revit using Artisan RV

landscape design artisan rv revit

Since the dawn of Revit, it has always been incredibly difficult to produce a decent landscape design in Revit. Most users will either try to use a family that isn’t suited to the task at hand, or resort to using 2D. With the recent introduction of Artisan RV to the market, Landscape Architects can do truly coordinate their designs in a real Revit environment.

Product Design Collection for Electro-mechanical Design Webinar

product design electromechanical design

In this webinar we will be concentrating on the Electrical / ElectroMechanical Design, primarily taking a look at AutoCAD Electrical and Autodesk Inventors Cable and Harness environment. Which are both included in the Product Design Collection.

Product Design Collection for Manufacturing Design Webinar

product design for manufacturing

In this webinar we will be concentrating on the Electrical / ElectroMechanical Design, primarily taking a look at AutoCAD Electrical and Autodesk Inventors Cable and Harness environment. Which are both included in the Product Design Collection.

BIM Designer for Reinforced Concrete (RC) Detailing Webinar

BIM designers rc detailing

In this webinar we will show how to automate design and creation of 3D rebar cages and related documentation for your reinforcement projects.

Introduction to Advance Workshop Webinar

advance workshop webinar

Join live Webinar to explore the transfer of model data from Advance steel into Advance workshop and see the advantages of Advance workshop in its management of NC Data, Beam Nesting, plate nesting and document control.

Inventor Professional - Tube & Pipe Webinar

inventor pro tube and pipe

In this webinar, we will show you how to use tube and pipe styles and how to author and publish tube and pipe components to your own tube and pipe library. The benefit of this workflow will save you time with creating and auto populating routes, rather than using the standard Inventor place and assemble approach.

Automating Your Designs with I-Logic Configurator 360 Webinar

i logic configurator webinar automating design

In this webinar I will demonstrate how to leverage your existing Inventor data to create automated intelligent configurations using iLogic. Straight from an Inventor model you will quickly see how Configurator 360 can enable your engineering, sales or customer base to access a cloud based 3D configurator accessible via any web enabled device. See how Configurator 360 can output 2D and 3D data as well as create accurate quotations.

Simulate Your Designs with Inventor Professional Webinar

inventor pro simulation tools

In this webinar, we will show you how Inventor Shape Generator technology can create and evaluate high-performing design options in minutes. See how Inventors stress analysis tools can then ensure that a design performs satisfactorily under expected use without breaking or deforming.

Graitec e-Training Webinar


Win 12 months access to the Autodesk flexible learning library. This webinar will focus on a demonstration of the products available through the Global eTraining platform and the various applications across industries.

Digital Prototyping Event


Are you in the manufacturing industry? If you are then join us for this informative digital prototyping event.

Autodesk Infrastructure Webinar


Learn about Civil 3D and BIM for Infrastructure and Infraworks in an easily accessible and interactive way...

BIM For Contractors Webinar


With BIM becoming an increasingly popular method of delivering construction projects and with BIM methodology being mandated for government projects going forward, increasing number of contractors are needing to get up to speed with BIM working methods and requirements.

Oasys Mail Manager Webinar


Email Overload? File, find, share and archive emails quickly and easily with our mail manager solution.

Autodesk Certification Tests


Autodesk Certification is available for a variety of Autodesk Software products at professional certification level.

Introduction to Navisworks


Navisworks is often described as the glue that holds a building information modelling project together, but the capabilities of NavisWorks goes well beyond it just being a vessel to hold multiple pieces of digital data from numerous proprietary computer aided design packages.

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