Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

The Autodesk subscription center is the main hub to manage Autodesk software, access software upgrades and software extensions, so it's quite important to make sure users and subscription contract managers have access to this and also understand exactly how it works.

Listed below are some common frequently asked questions which may also be of help in addition to our 

Subscription FAQ's

Question: How do I access the Autodesk Subscription Center?


The Autodesk Subscription Center can be accessed here,  simply log in using your Autodesk ID and associated password and you should have access.

If you are still unable to access your account you can request a reminder of your User ID and Password by clicking on the provided links.

If having confirmed your details you are still unable to Log in try to clear your browser cache. This function should be available via the Tools menu in your browser. Please ensure you close down and restart you browser in order for changes to take effect.

If you are still unable to access your account please give us a call.

Question: How do I download Autodesk software?


Please note - If you are not the Contract Manager of your account you will not be able to download the software. If this is the case please review the next question to find out who is.

If you are the Contract manager simply log in to you Autodesk Subscription account and click on the "Get Your Upgrade" link on the welcome page. You'll then be prompted to choose the relevant version and product you need (not forgetting of course to select the right language and operating system version where applicable.

You may need to also download and install the Autodesk Download manager. If you do not have download or install rights, or are subject to other group policies you may need to contact your IT support provider in the first instance to allow this, or for them to install the downloader.

Question: I need to download an upgrade but I am not the Contract Manager. How can I found out who is our Contract manager?


To find out who is your Autodesk Subscription Center Manager simply log into your account and access your profile. In your profile you will see your contact administrator or administrators if you have more than one. For your ease of use and convenience simply click on their name and you will be able to automatically send them an email.

Question: I need to get physical media for my Autodesk software. How do I request physical media from Autodesk?


Requests for physical Media can be made from your Autodesk Subscription Center account. All you need to do is log in to your account and click on the "Get Your Upgrade" link. On the subsequent page in the top left hand corner you'll find Related Information. Click on the Request Media for link and then on the following page fill in the appropriate fields to make your request.
Please note this may take 7-10 working days.

Question: How do I get a home user license for my Autodesk Software?


Autodesk Subscription customers are permitted to use their Autodesk on both an office computer and a home PC too (but not at the same time of course).

For standalone licenses log into to your account and browse to the Contract Administrators page, once here click on the "request Home Use" link. You can then review home use documentation and once you are happy click continue and agree to this. You can then install the license on your home PC using the same serial number.

For a home user license from a network license the process is a little more complex due to the nature of a network licensing. For these you'll also need to complete home use license form and licensing details will then be sent to your profile e-mail address.

If you have any further questions please give us a call.

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