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Badge Advance BIM Designers 256x256Advance BIM Designers are a family of apps designed specifically for structural design, modelling and documentation, empowering an effective and adaptable BIM workflow.
With the ability to run on either a multiple or standalone platform, including popular software such as Revit and Advance Steel, BIM Designers covers a whole range of structural disciplines.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers represent the core BIM concept of a ‘single-model’ approach and are set to lead the next-generation of BIM software applications for automation, design optimization and complete interoperability.

There are currently two BIM Designers apps available which are Stair & Railing Designer and Steel Structure Designer.

Stair & Railing Designer

Advance Steel Stairs Railings

Stair & Railing Designer 2017 is a new generation of production software created specifically for Advance Steel projects.

This new original tool enables you to generate, adjust and position various ball post railing features delivering outstanding design time savings and quick and straightforward creations resulting in an extremely positive return on investment.

Check out the below preview of the saddled stair and wall mounted handrail in action.

A selection of the tool options available include base plates, middle and top handrail modification, kickrail options and many more. For additional information click here

 Steel Structure Designer

Advance Steel Strcuture Designer

Steel Structure Designer accelerates Steel Structure design allowing users to create, amend and adjust complete structures in a matter of seconds adding a new dimension to business productivity.

Structural Designs made in Autodesk Advance Steel can easily be configured with a simple click of a button, due to the innovative building definition matrix and other tools available within the software application.

If you are looking for powerful tools and features such as gable posts, side rails, portals, roof bracings and much more, then download the Steel Structure Designer today. For additional information click here

There are also a number of other productivity applications on the current development roadmap for future release such as: Stair & Railing Designer for Advance Steel, Steel Connection Designer for Advance Design, RC Column Designer, RC Beam Designer, RC Footing Designer, Timber BIM Designers and Masonry BIM Designers.

You can find out more by contacting Graitec on (023) 8086 8947 or by clicking the button below.

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