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showcase 2017 badge 256pxAutodesk Showcase represents a significant paradigm shift for Architects, engineers and designers who need to explore and facilitate project and design changes with an extended project team or directly with clients or focus groups.

 Sitting in the middle ground between imagery generated from CAD software applications and the high end visualisation solutions such as 3ds Max, Alias and Maya, Showcase delivers a breath of fresh air with dynamic control, real time rendering and ease of use.

 Deciding on pre-set colour schemes and then having to wait for them to render before they are shown to a client or other project team members is now a thing of the past, as Showcase enables team members and clients to become an active part of the team where ideas can be explored in real-time bringing significant reductions in project lead times and enabling products to go to market much sooner.

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Autodesk Showcase launches directly from many Autodesk cad software applications and also recognises Inventor constraints allowing them to be animated where required.

Autodesk Showcase can produce photo realistic imagery in seconds from existing architectural or engineering CAD geometry, and Showcase's key frame animation tools allow you to create simple yet powerful animations to highlight key aspects of a project or design.

Use of the software is not limited to Autodesk users however as Showcase is able to import over 15 other cad software formats from other vendors such as SolidWorks®, Creo Elements & pro, UGNX and more so almost anyone can enjoy the benefits this real time rendering brings to the market.

And the availability of a free viewer also extends the reach of the software allowing making it easier for anyone to become part of the review process.

To find out more about Autodesk Showcase and how it could benefit your business give us a call on 023 8086 8947 or click on the button below.

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