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Graitec Events

Upcoming Events

Graitec host and attend various seminars. events and trade exhibitions throughout the UK to help both current and future clients reap the benefits of the latest design and support systems we offer.

With Autodesk technology offering businesses even greater opportunites to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces knowledge and vision are key, so if you would like information about other Autodesk CAD software or would like to set up an event please give us a call on 023 8086 8947

Current Events:

Autodesk Summer Events - Overview

summer-events-banner-2Take a look and register for an array of summer events and webinars that we are running this quarter!

Read more: Summer Events Overview

Autodesk Cross Industry Summer Webinars

cross-industry-webinarsIf you are in the architectural, construction, engineering, design visualisation or manufacturing industry then take a look and register for a number of informative cross industry webinars.

Read more: Cross Industry Webinars

Autodesk AEC Summer Webinars


Are you interested in finding out how an Autodesk Design Suite/Autodesk Software can benefit you and your workflow? Then watch one of our free webinars and click the button to find out more/register.

Read more: AEC Summer Webinars

Autodesk MFG Summer School Events


Graitec is pleased to announce and array of free Summer School events for the MFG industry.

Read more: MFG Summer Schools

Autodesk AEC Summer School Events


Graitec is pleased to announce and array of free Summer School events for the AEC industry.

Read more: AEC Summer Schools

Digital Prototyping Event


Are you in the manufacturing industry? If you are then join us for this informative digital prototyping event.

Read more: Manufacturing Event


BIM For Contractors Webinar

With BIM becoming an increasingly popular method of delivering construction projects and with BIM methodology being mandated for government projects going forward, increasing number of contractors are needing to get up to speed with BIM working methods and requirements.

Read more: BIM For Contractors Webinar


Oasys Mail Manager Webinar

Email Overload? File, find, share and archive emails quickly and easily with our mail manager solution.

Read more: Oasys Mail Manager

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